What’s In My Head Monday: Freedom to fail!

Every Monday I write a thought God has placed in my heart, something I discovered in the word of God, or an experience I’ve had that has taught me a lesson I feel would edify my readers. I recently added a fun twist to the end of my Monday posts; pictures of anything I’ve been up to. I hope this will be as interesting for you to read as it was for me to write.

I recently read a blog written by Rev. Wayne Francis titled “The Fifth Freedom“. This post has changed my life (again), I will never again be afraid to follow my dreams, or to step out on faith to accomplish something for God. This post is a must read, check it out at http://fakeisover.com/failure/the-fifth-freedom/.

Please share whats in your head today on Apostolic talk.

Oh dear, I was going to post pictures of the bread I baked last week but I can’t find them anywhere. Don’t despair,  I’m baking some more today so I’ll post them tomorrow with my guest post.

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You Question, I Answer Thursday: Why does God allow bad things to happen?

Every Thursday I answer a question submitted by my readers, if you have a question you’d like to have answered on Apostolic Talk, feel free to send me an email at apostolictalk@gmail.com. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Hi, my name is Celia and I have a question regarding responding to issues of Death. I have a coworker who just gave birth to her 2nd child who unfortunately died the day after. I was ministering to an unbeliever who questions the existence of God. It was obviously making an impact because he confessed to me that when he heard the news of the complications of the birth – he began to pray for this coworker and for the survival of the baby. However, he came back rather bitterly to say that even when I prayed “How can your God take an innocent child”. It was tough to answer. Please advise your approach on this question.

Celia, it is very difficult for us to understand why God allows some things to happen. The book of Romans says of Him O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! [Rom 11:33]. It is very heartrending for the mother, to say the least, and all who are aware of the situation. But do not feel guilty because you did not have an answer for a question that has stomped some of the greatest minds that ever lived. Similar questions were asked after such atrocities as the Catholic Inquisition, the Holocaust and more recently 9/11. 

What we do know, is in the book of Revelations John wrote  Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest.” When the judgments of God are made clear [discernible], when we see the wisdom of God’s actions, the whole world, all nations, will glorify Him for His goodness. God has a plan for every life, we don’t know what it is, but we must trust him. That is hard for an unbeliever to understand. But if we in love tell them that God knows best, and they see the peace in our eyes and hear the confidence in our voice, though it is hard now, in time they too will say of this sad situation, God knows best. Continue to model a Holy Ghost filled life before them. With a peace that passeth all understanding and a joy that is not of this world and you will win both the mom and the atheist to Jesus.

I’m almost positive that some of my readers can answer this question better than I did, so feel free to share your answers to this question. I look forward to reading your responses on Apostolic Talk.

Fasting and Focused Prayer Wednesday: Apostolic Boldness!

Today I am praying for boldness to share the gospel. This topic might not seem worthy of an entire time of fasting, but I guarantee you it is. I am currently in a difficult situation because of my lack of boldness, and I dare say that Christians worldwide may have found themselves in a similar situation at one time or another. There is a mom at my son’s school who has been busy sharing her beliefs with the other moms. Though I have been praying fervently for them and have invited them to church a few times; I have not really been doing the leg work, offering a Home Bible Study or with boldness declaring the love of Jesus, His desire to save them, their need for the Holy Ghost and His soon return.

So yesterday, as I picked my son up from school I saw her giving directions to her groups gathering place to a couple of moms. First I was angry, I said to myself “no way! I’ve been praying for these ladies all year long, I will not allow her to bring them to a deeper state of hopelessness in a religion that does not reach the soul and offer no real peace.” Then I felt guilty, “how I could I have allowed this to happen right under my nose.” How many times have Apostolics everywhere allowed this to happen? We work with lost souls, go to class with lost souls, are on the PTA with lost souls and then one day they tell us that they’ve joined a new church. We were with them all this time and never took the time to tell them the truth. I will not allow it to get that far, I’m not sure what I’ll do, but I will do something. I must be wise; I don’t want to lose anyone in the process. Let us pray.

Lord Jesus, I pray right now for Apostolics everywhere, that you will give us a boldness to declare this soul saving gospel. Help us not to sit by and allow souls to be lost in a devils hell, doing things they thought would save them, when we have the TRUTH. We are the salt of this world; we cannot hide our light under a bushel. Lord God, wake us up! Remind us that we are just pilgrims passing through; this world is not our home. We cannot be so busy working hard to buy bigger homes and more expensive cars that we don’t see that our coworkers, our neighbors, that mom, is struggling with depression, or is in the process of getting a divorce or worst, is on the verge of committing suicide. Lord your word tells us that every branch that beareth not fruit will be cut off. Jesus please help us to see souls the way you see them, help us to hear the cry of their hungry souls. Equip us with boldness dear Lord.

If anyone has any advice how I should handle this situation, Please leave a comment. Let us help each other do a great work for God. I love to hear from you on Apostolic Talk.

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Fasting and Focused Prayer Wednesday: God’s Will

Guest Post Tuesday: The Holy Ghost!

I’m happy to announce that we have a published author visiting with us today. Rhonda Mckenzie is the writer of the soul stirring testimony you are about to read.  You can find copies of her book “Midnight Blue” at bookstores everywhere and online at Amazon.com. This book, much like the following testimony, will change your life and challenge you to take a stand. Against what? Get yourself a copy and you will be happy you did. 

I remember it as though it was yesterday; approximately 25 years ago I went to a Pentecostal altar where I tarried for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I was told that if I truly repented and turned from my sins, I would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and speak in a heavenly language when the Holy Spirit comes.  I was hopeful but skeptical even though I had heard other people speak in tongues.  I recalled being scared and uncertain about what to expect, when a strange thing happened and I felt something moving within me.  I immediately felt a fear come over me and at that time I asked God to give me whatever he had for me in two seconds so I could get it over with real fast.

I kid you not, within 2 seconds I heard myself speaking in a language I did not understand and I was not faking it.  But the best part was not the language; it was the presence of almighty God that came over me.  He took a hold of me and placed me in a totally different realm.  It was like someone took me in a bubble that floated through the sky, I floated for a long time while speaking in tongues.  My feet were light and my heart felt clean.  I never felt love like that before or after.  It was a MAGIC MOMENT with the almighty God that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

Whenever life’s challenges come my way I just recall that experience and it gives me the push to go on.  I know I can make it because of that experience.

For those of you out there who doubt that you can make it, or you feel like you can’t carry on I admonish you to go back to your archive and pull out one of your most treasured experiences with God and it WILL propel you to go on.  I promise!

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What’s In My Head Monday: Consistency

Whats In My Head Monday: This is not really spiritual. Or is it?

I had a very interesting weekend, to say the least. On Sunday morning, God taught me a very powerful lesson; be supportive to the people in my life. I feel like I had been carrying my family for several years, by praying aggressively for them and offering what I considered to be excellent advice. 

God has shown me unequivocally, however, that the time has come to let go and to take my rightful place as a supportive family member. A certain family member has out grown me, I am now coveting their prayers and seeking their advice. This individual has grown to be a spiritually mature, bible educated member of our family and therefore it is time for me to change position. I will continue to pray aggressively and passionately of course, for their continued spiritual growth and success in all they attempt (in the will of God), but my main role will be one of support, holding their hands up, being nearby to offer a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or just to give a smile of encouragement. 

This morning, I awoke to a new woman (me), one with a new role. I’m still learning the ropes, but I’m excited about what God has in store for this family.

Did you learn any life changing lessons recently? share them with us on Apostolic Talk.

On a totally different note; these are pictures of how my family and I spent our morning, before coming in to lunch. It’s a beautiful day outside.

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Fasting and Focused Prayer Wednesday: God’s Will

The will of God is the safest place to live in this dark world. Recently I was made aware of some atrocities that are going on in this world. Things that I thought would happen in the end time are taking place right now. Saints of the most high God, we must gird up our loins, put on sackcloth and ashes, hold on to the horns of the alter and cry out to God, wail, like a woman in travail. I need to know the will of God for my family in these last and terrible days; what will God have us to do? How can we be most productive in the kingdom? Where does God want us? It is end time now!

Today I am praying for the will of God to unfold in my family’s life. I need to be in the perfect will of God, I am desperate to serve (be of service to) Him in the way He designed for me to be. Please join me in prayer; pray to find your fit in the kingdom, so “…the whole body [can be] fitly joined together…” like a mighty army accomplishing the wonderful will of God in these last days.  (Eph 4:16)

Lord Jesus you are “…the author and finisher of our faith…” you know the end from the beginning. (Heb 12:2)   Give us direction for our lives Lord God. We don’t want to do what we like, or what feels right or what will make the most people happy. We desire your perfect will for our lives. The same way John the Baptist accomplished your will for his life, so we too must know the reason for which we were born into the kingdom. Paul finished his life by saying “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course…” Help us also to have this confidence that we are doing what you called us to do, that you are pleased with the direction in which our lives are going. (2Ti 4:7)

What are you fasting about this week? Please share your thoughts with us on Apostolic Talk.

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Soul Winning Friday: I’ve been busy :)

Though no one has given their life to God this week, I’ve been busy! I’ve just been looking for opportunities everywhere to share the gospel. I’ve been all fired up about soul winning since our Missions Convention last week. I’ve always been interested in soul winning, but this Missionary challenged me to make it a lifestyle. So this week, as Jennifer and I spoke about the proper time to retire, she mentioned a news report about a lady in her nineties who was forced to retire (some of you may have seen this report) due in part to her inappropriate declaration that she was against Israel. This thread of conversation brought us to Jesus and His soon return and our need to be ready. One of you commented that instead of always extending an invitation to Church, we could offer a Home Bible Study, I think that’s an excellent idea (though I will continue to extend  invitations to Church) I will definitely try that the next time an opportunity presents itself.

Cathy talked about being a message carrier in the city when she was much younger. She said it was hard work because she spent most of the day in the subway without air condition and her hair was super long because she didn’t cut her hair until she was much older. I then mentioned that at my Church the ladies don’t cut their hair either. She looked at me and said “Are you Pentecostal?” I got excited and almost yelled “Yes!” I asked if she knew any Pentecostals and she said she lived next door to a Pentecostal family for years but never visited their Church. I said “No way, you so have to come visit my Church!” She said “you know what I’m going to surprise you”.

How was your Soul Winning week? Share your testimonies with us on Apostolic talk.

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