Guest Post Tuesday: The Holy Ghost!

I’m happy to announce that we have a published author visiting with us today. Rhonda Mckenzie is the writer of the soul stirring testimony you are about to read.  You can find copies of her book “Midnight Blue” at bookstores everywhere and online at This book, much like the following testimony, will change your life and challenge you to take a stand. Against what? Get yourself a copy and you will be happy you did. 

I remember it as though it was yesterday; approximately 25 years ago I went to a Pentecostal altar where I tarried for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I was told that if I truly repented and turned from my sins, I would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and speak in a heavenly language when the Holy Spirit comes.  I was hopeful but skeptical even though I had heard other people speak in tongues.  I recalled being scared and uncertain about what to expect, when a strange thing happened and I felt something moving within me.  I immediately felt a fear come over me and at that time I asked God to give me whatever he had for me in two seconds so I could get it over with real fast.

I kid you not, within 2 seconds I heard myself speaking in a language I did not understand and I was not faking it.  But the best part was not the language; it was the presence of almighty God that came over me.  He took a hold of me and placed me in a totally different realm.  It was like someone took me in a bubble that floated through the sky, I floated for a long time while speaking in tongues.  My feet were light and my heart felt clean.  I never felt love like that before or after.  It was a MAGIC MOMENT with the almighty God that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

Whenever life’s challenges come my way I just recall that experience and it gives me the push to go on.  I know I can make it because of that experience.

For those of you out there who doubt that you can make it, or you feel like you can’t carry on I admonish you to go back to your archive and pull out one of your most treasured experiences with God and it WILL propel you to go on.  I promise!

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