What’s in my Head Monday; Wait! Isn’t it Wednesday?

Every Monday I write a thought God has placed in my heart, something I discovered in the word of God, or an experience I’ve had that has taught me a lesson I feel would edify my readers. I recently added a fun twist to the end of my Monday posts; pictures of anything I’ve been up to. I hope this will be as interesting for you to read as it was for me to write.

I wondered how I could give an honest depiction of what’s in my head without getting too personal, but since the following revelation has totally consumed my thoughts, If I am to be truthful to this title, I fear I must reveal a little known fact about myself. I struggled for years with the reality that I grew up without a father. I sincerely believe that to a certain extent this had affected my relationship with God. What other believers found easy, I struggled with: for example, to just trust that God would provide, without me working hard to find provisions for myself , I had to go through the Bible and find scripture references to endorse this truth, I would then encourage myself in the scriptures over and over again, until it sunk in.

My husband on the other hand, who has enjoyed the privilege of growing up with his dad, has no such struggle; he remembers that when he was hungry, he could go to his dad and say “dad, I’m hungry”, and his dad would prepare a meal for him. My husband knew that if he was not feeling well in the middle of the night he could call out to his father and say “dad, I’m not feeling well” and his dad would get dressed and proceed to the nearest 24 hour pharmacy and get whatever medication his mother instructed. My husband knew that if he was afraid in the middle of the night, he could stagger to his dad’s room and say “dad, I’m scared” and his dad would make room for him on his bed.

I knew none of this, so when God said in Psalms 103:13  “Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him.” It took me a few minutes to wrap my mind around it. So this weekend, specifically Sunday night of our Youth Convention, God gave me a revelation: My marriage to my husband, the father of my children, will teach me all the lessons I missed growing up without my father. WOW! This might seem very unimpressive to some of my readers, but what a life changing revelation for me. As I sat in Church I began to cry, I allowed the years of my marriage to roll through my mind and to think back on all the fatherly things my husband has done for our three children. I then understood completely the role of my heavenly father. I no longer need time to wrap my mind around His promises towards me; I see His example everyday in my own family. Oh! How I love Him.

What’s in your head? If you have a thought you just can’t shake, share it with us on Apostolic talk.

Fun Twist: Baking more bread. Sorry, I know it’s a fast day, but I baked these last night 🙂





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What’s In My Head Monday: Spiritual Discipline

Every Monday I write a thought God has placed in my heart, something I discovered in the word of God, or an experience I’ve had that has taught me a lesson I feel would edify my readers. I recently added a fun twist to the end of my Monday posts; pictures of anything I’ve been up to. I hope this will be as interesting for you to read as it was for me to write.

“…exercise thyself rather unto godliness…”

I remember having a conversation with my husband a few years ago in which I confessed my strong belief that the laws in this country keeps us safe. This declaration may appear rather simple on the surface, but if one should dig deeper into its meaning, it would become evident that the things we think keep us bound are the very things that gives us security and freedom. So it is with spiritual discipline. Richard Foster rightly calls [spiritual] Disciplines as the door to liberation.

 I am currently reading Donald S. Whitney’s Spiritual Discipline For The Christian Life (a phenomenal book). In his book Mr. Whitney describes the freedom through spiritual discipline principle by comparing it to the mastery of any secular discipline. “Watching Chet Atkins play the guitar gives the impression that he was born with the instrument attached to his body. He has an intimacy and a freedom with the guitar that makes playing the thing look easy. Anyone who’s ever tried to play realizes that the musical freedom of such a master comes from decades of disciplined practice.” I desire such an intimacy with God, to have mastery in the word of God, yielding my two-edged sword like a mighty warrior. I feel very strongly that if I am to experience true spiritual growth, I must consistently exercise spiritual discipline. The disciplines of Bible reading, fasting, prayer, enthusiastic worship, evangelism, stewardship, sacrifice, simplicity, accountability and meditation. “Godly people are disciplined People”. SDFCL pg. 17

What are your thoughts on spiritual discipline? Share them with us on Apostolic Talk.

Fun twist; here are pictures of what’s left of my weekend baking. I also baked bread but I didn’t include those pictures since I posted some on Soul Winning Friday.

Soul Winning Friday: Recap

Since I’ve been extremely busy lately, I haven’t been able to blog consistently this week. Today though, I will attempt to summarize the last few days as succinctly as possible. What was in my head on Monday is still in my head (I can’t seem to get it out of my head), so I’ll share that with you on Monday. I did however, include pictures of the bread I baked as promised. I did not have a guest on Guest Post Tuesday, but I will without doubt have one on next Tuesday; look out, I might ask you. Wednesday I posted, You Question, I Answer Thursday I had no questions (come on people!), and yes today Soul Winning Friday. I have a testimony.

My kids and I were playing outside when I noticed a new neighbor’s daughter riding by on her scooter. I had met her mom before, so I asked her to greet her mom for me. Soon after, I saw her mom walking over to chat with me. We talked about the school district and other things because they’re new to the community, and most importantly I encouraged her to send her girls to Sunday school, because we have a great Children’s ministry at my Church. Surprisingly, without much effort on my part she agreed. I asked “should I bring them home after Sunday school or would you like them to stay for Children’s Church?” she answered “let them stay for Children’s Church as well, it’s summer time and they won’t be doing anything at home.” Needless to say, I was thrilled. My husband and I are interested in doing a Home Bible Study with them so I’ll let you know how that pans out.  Also, I had the opportunity to speak with Melinda yesterday (my Jehovah Witness friend); I encouraged her once again with my personal testimony of salvation and made it clear that this was available to her and her family as well. She was pretty sweet about it, because she’s a wonderful gal. Please help me pray for her; because of her disciplined character, she would be such an asset in the kingdom (I mean the Church :)).

Have you done any soul winning this week? Share your testimony here on Apostolic Talk, you might encourage someone.

Fasting and Focused Prayer Wednesday: I want to be a soul winner

Saints, I’m desperate to be a soul winner. At times I feel so discouraged when the people I invite to Church do not show up. I won’t give up however; today I’m fasting for all the people I’ve had the privilege of witnessing to. I don’t know about you, but often I’m in a Church service and the worship and the preached word  are so inspiring, that I pause to think of all my unsaved family and friends who are not in attendance. They are dying in their sins and are unable to experience the victory, the liberty, the joy, the contentment and the security that I am enjoying, it breaks my heart. Please join me in prayer.

Lord Jesus, I pray for Melinda, Veronica, Cathy, David, Patrice, Sean, Mrs. Marco, Ms. Rita, Irina and her husband, Ariana and her family; save them Jesus. Use me to share your truth with these precious people Lord. Help me not to be intimidated by the high positions they hold, the cars they drive or the houses they live in. They need you Jesus. Please give me the wisdom I need to be a soul winner, help me to say the right words at the right time. Lord, help me to be effective! Let this be a passion of mine, God I must be vigilant, always looking for an opportunity to share Jesus. I totally cannot do this on my own, I need divine intervention Lord God. Please authenticate what I’m doing by confirming my words in their hearts; the bible said of the apostles that God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost…(Heb 2:4)  God I’m believing by faith that you’ll finish what you’ve started in these your people.

Are you fasting today? What has God placed on your heart to fast about this week? Share your testimonies with us on Apostolic Talk.

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