Soul Winning Friday: Recap

Since I’ve been extremely busy lately, I haven’t been able to blog consistently this week. Today though, I will attempt to summarize the last few days as succinctly as possible. What was in my head on Monday is still in my head (I can’t seem to get it out of my head), so I’ll share that with you on Monday. I did however, include pictures of the bread I baked as promised. I did not have a guest on Guest Post Tuesday, but I will without doubt have one on next Tuesday; look out, I might ask you. Wednesday I posted, You Question, I Answer Thursday I had no questions (come on people!), and yes today Soul Winning Friday. I have a testimony.

My kids and I were playing outside when I noticed a new neighbor’s daughter riding by on her scooter. I had met her mom before, so I asked her to greet her mom for me. Soon after, I saw her mom walking over to chat with me. We talked about the school district and other things because they’re new to the community, and most importantly I encouraged her to send her girls to Sunday school, because we have a great Children’s ministry at my Church. Surprisingly, without much effort on my part she agreed. I asked “should I bring them home after Sunday school or would you like them to stay for Children’s Church?” she answered “let them stay for Children’s Church as well, it’s summer time and they won’t be doing anything at home.” Needless to say, I was thrilled. My husband and I are interested in doing a Home Bible Study with them so I’ll let you know how that pans out.  Also, I had the opportunity to speak with Melinda yesterday (my Jehovah Witness friend); I encouraged her once again with my personal testimony of salvation and made it clear that this was available to her and her family as well. She was pretty sweet about it, because she’s a wonderful gal. Please help me pray for her; because of her disciplined character, she would be such an asset in the kingdom (I mean the Church :)).

Have you done any soul winning this week? Share your testimony here on Apostolic Talk, you might encourage someone.


5 thoughts on “Soul Winning Friday: Recap

  1. Wonderful news about the being able to bring one of your neighbor’s children to church. That bread looks great. How did it taste?

  2. This is a tremendous tool that you have going here. Please do not stop. Similarly a neighbour may move in to review the blog and a life altering change may just happen. Yes the bread looks quite loafy.

  3. Awesome testimony! I absolutely love your work (blog). I wish I had more time to say more but must attend to my little princess—I’ll be back and looking forward to your post this week!

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