What’s In My Head Monday: Spiritual Discipline

Every Monday I write a thought God has placed in my heart, something I discovered in the word of God, or an experience I’ve had that has taught me a lesson I feel would edify my readers. I recently added a fun twist to the end of my Monday posts; pictures of anything I’ve been up to. I hope this will be as interesting for you to read as it was for me to write.

“…exercise thyself rather unto godliness…”

I remember having a conversation with my husband a few years ago in which I confessed my strong belief that the laws in this country keeps us safe. This declaration may appear rather simple on the surface, but if one should dig deeper into its meaning, it would become evident that the things we think keep us bound are the very things that gives us security and freedom. So it is with spiritual discipline. Richard Foster rightly calls [spiritual] Disciplines as the door to liberation.

 I am currently reading Donald S. Whitney’s Spiritual Discipline For The Christian Life (a phenomenal book). In his book Mr. Whitney describes the freedom through spiritual discipline principle by comparing it to the mastery of any secular discipline. “Watching Chet Atkins play the guitar gives the impression that he was born with the instrument attached to his body. He has an intimacy and a freedom with the guitar that makes playing the thing look easy. Anyone who’s ever tried to play realizes that the musical freedom of such a master comes from decades of disciplined practice.” I desire such an intimacy with God, to have mastery in the word of God, yielding my two-edged sword like a mighty warrior. I feel very strongly that if I am to experience true spiritual growth, I must consistently exercise spiritual discipline. The disciplines of Bible reading, fasting, prayer, enthusiastic worship, evangelism, stewardship, sacrifice, simplicity, accountability and meditation. “Godly people are disciplined People”. SDFCL pg. 17

What are your thoughts on spiritual discipline? Share them with us on Apostolic Talk.

Fun twist; here are pictures of what’s left of my weekend baking. I also baked bread but I didn’t include those pictures since I posted some on Soul Winning Friday.


One thought on “What’s In My Head Monday: Spiritual Discipline

  1. Spiritual discipline is a key component of being a Christian. Fasting, being one one of those disciplines, is a hard, but well-worth sacrifice. I’ve learned that it’s a mind game. If you tell yourself, “Oh, I can’t fast. I’m too weak”, then you’re not. I can personally attest to that. I wanted to fast but I told myself that I wouldn’t fast and I didn’t. On the other hand, I told myself that I would fast and I did. The flesh doesn’t want to be spritually disciplined hence the spirit vs. flesh struggle, but we can overcome. This week, One Voice and some other people in our youth group are going to fast (spec. Daniel fast) and I trained my mind to think “I can, I can”. Although, we’re still munching on food, it’s not meat or the highly saturated & unhealthy foods that have a great taste, but this is something that we have purposed in our hearts to do as Daniel did. We want this flesh to decrease so that the Christ in us can increase so we can better impact the lives of those around us, really minister in this year’s youth convention and overall, be better Christians. The scripture that is sustaining me through this first day of the fast is Daniel 1:8, which says, “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would nto defile himself witht he portion of the king’s meat, nor the wine which he drank…”. Encouraging ourselves in the Lord is a must b/c there always won’t be someone around to encourage us. WE need Christ and being spiritually disciplined is what is going to keep us in these last & final days.

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