When I awoke on my birthday, January 1, 2011, I felt so many different emotions; happiness, contentment, regret, victory and fear. I was turning 34 years old and there was so much I wanted to do that I hadn’t yet done, so many things I wished I had done differently and though fear is not of God, I was a bit apprehensive about the future. Still I felt blessed for all the wonderful adventures God had afforded me and the many battles I had won over years.

The feeling that overpowered me though, was a feeling of “fight”, a feeling of “you can’t give up now” that kept swelling in my belly. Fighting is not a pretty thing, you cannot engage in warfare and look cute, but fight we must. The year 2011 is a call to arms, a year to stand up and be counted. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

I will not hand my soul over to the devil on a silver platter. I will not roll over and play dead while he ravishes my husband and my children. I will not be ignorant of his devices. I will not be lulled to sleep by the complacency this world is passing off as an acceptable lifestyle.

I will fight! On my knees in prayer EVERYDAY! I have been thinking a lot about Daniel, not only was he consistent in his daily prayer, but he prayed THREE times a day. This consistency comes when one values their relationship with God. When one understands the awesome privilege it is, to have an opportunity to be in personal relationship with the creator of heaven and earth. When this is the mindset of the Apostolic believer, falling on our knees in daily worship and prayer will be effortless.

I believe that this is the year that the Apostolic Church today will be identical to the Apostolic Church in the bible. I strongly believe this. As I take a break this month to consecrate myself before the Lord, I encourage you at the beginning of this year, to fight. Husbands and wives fight for your marriages, moms and dads fight for your children, Pastors fight for your churches, children fight for your salvation. FIGHT!

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