Rainy Day


It’s amazing how the simple everyday things in life can help us to understand the more complicated things of eternity. I sat in my car watching the rain drops chase each other down my windshield. It was raining pretty heavy, I thought to myself, “spring is here for sure”, the rain was a certain sign. I allowed my mind to wander as I sat in front of my children’s school waiting for it to let out. Then I chuckled remembering how very afraid I was of the rain just a few months earlier.

I didn’t have the stroller I have now, and I had no rain coat at the time. Rainy days therefore were very traumatic for me, when I saw signs of rain my stomach would twist uncomfortably. I would drive up to my children’s school get out of the car with my umbrella, I had a plastic cover for the baby’s car seat in the pack and go, but it was cracked from a trip to the zoo over the summer. Can you see me climbing the hill back bent trying desperately to keep water out of the baby’s car seat and off my head simultaneously, using one hand to hold the umbrella and one hand to drive the stroller (with a jogging stroller this might be possible, but with a pack and go – impossible!). I literally feared the rain.

Then I told my husband, I need a raincoat so I can use both hands to push the stroller and I need a jogging stroller with one motion close and open and with the wind and rain cover. Now if you know my husband at all, you would know his response; “sell some hats” Ha! Anyway of course I got my way 🙂

So now I sit in my car smiling waiting for 2:55pm, armed with my City Mini Jogging Stroller with matching rain canopy and my sleek raincoat and hoodie. The rain no longer scars me; I am prepared, my kids are prepared (they have their fireman and ladybug raincoats, compliments of Nana and Pops).

This very simple situation got my mind to thinking about eternity. How frightening is the thought of death, the thought of the coming of the Lord to the unprepared soul. How traumatic it is to live a life constantly in fear when one does not have the security of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me, I have a hope, “hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.” It is a beautiful thing to really live free, not a victim to fear, doubt or hell, but to be prepared. Now my duty is to share this liberty, this truth, with someone who doesn’t know it. Just like Fitzgerald shared his umbrella with me one day when the rain caught me without one.


Ramblings… and Compassion

With Mother’s day coming up this weekend I am so busy making Hats!! I am so happy I took a leap of faith and started this business. In the beginning I was a little discouraged (actually a lot, I even thought about throwing in the towel) but three months later and I’m thinking I need to hire help :). The Royal wedding was so timely, I think it really helped boast Hat awareness in the United States of America. If you’re interested in seeing pictures of all the Hats I’ll be working on this week go here, I post daily pictures and comments for all my fellow Hat Lovers.

I am not feeling too well at all this week. My husband tells me it’s allergies but I’m having a hard time believing that. Can allergies really give you the shivers, a soar throat, a runny nose and burning eyes? Maybe, I don’t know. Jonathan and Elizabeth have a few sniffles too, but baby Joel is just as sick as I am (maybe worst).

I was priviledged to be in attendance at a prayer conference in St. Albans, NY this past weekend. Oh what a blessing!! I learned so much about intercessory prayer and just being in the presence of all those prayer warriors just added fuel to my prayer. I’m pretty sure my prayer life will never be the same.

My dear readers, can I be so bold as to encourage you to be compassionate. The bible tells us in Phillipians 2:3 “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.” When our neighbor is going through a rough time lets’ not judge and say they brought it down on themselves because only God knows the heart. Remember Job? His friends were sure that he had sinned, but the truth was God was bragging on him. 

Sometimes it is easy for us to see our selves as being better than someone else, or to say “that would never happen to me”. But it is mercies of God why we are not in that situation ourselves. Please, let us not distance ourselves from people who are already going through a fight.  But instead, draw near with a phone call, a card or even an “I’m praying for you”. Saints, let us love and forgive and support each other. We ought never to let a wounded soldier die.