Bible Quizzing and some vacation prep

"Jonathan studying his Bible Quizzing for Finals this Saturday"

“Jonathan studying his Bible Quizzing for Finals this Saturday”

Hard to believe the Bible Quizzing year is almost done, only two more days and then it’s over. This is the third year Jonathan and Elizabeth have been involved and I can honestly say we have no regrets. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry but it was worth every minute of it. I know Bible Quizzing will only help my children in this dark end time. Some things may be taken from them, but no one can ever take the word of God out of their hearts. It will form an impenetrable force around their minds that will shape their decisions.

It’s so cute to watch them sometimes, They’re like little walking Bibles, they quote the scriptures while the preacher is preaching and sometimes when the scripture is being read, if it’s a passage they’ve covered, they don’t even bother to turn there, they just cite it from memory!

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I HIGHLY recommend Bible Quizzing (hereafter BQ) to every parent with children between the ages of 5 and 18 years old. Yes, I know our children can learn maybe 30 scriptures on their own over the course of a year, but in BQ they learn up to 200 verses! These verses stay with them forever, when trouble comes -as we know it will, a relevant verse will pop up in their minds to help them get through. If they don’t have it, God can’t bring it back to their memory in times of need. BQ starts in September and concludes with finals in June. These amazing children are asked to quote and analyze scriptures under extreme pressure before -in many cases- an auditorium full of strangers. They are given 5 seconds to respond and 30 seconds to complete their answers.

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Like Karate and Tae-Kwon-Do, BQ teaches self discipline and excellent study habits, because of BQ my kids are better students in their secular schools. Also, statistics show that over 80% of children that are involved with BQ stay in the church and are mightily used of God.

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One of the best things about BQ is the socialization, my daughter and her team from NY now have buddies from West Virginia, Delaware, Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, and more places I don’t have time to list. Actualy, so do I. It’s been great meeting parents and couches who believe this great ONENESS Gospel all over the nation from all walks of life. One parent/coach is an officer in the US Air Force, pretty cool huh 🙂 That leads me to another great benefit,  BQ gives our family an excuse to drive or fly away for a couple weekends out of the year to compete in different states, and while we’re there, it doesn’t hurt to do a little sight seeing 😉

I’m excited that our youngest Joel, who is four years old and just learning to read, will be starting BQ in September. Oh, and it helps speed up the reading process as well. Bible Quizzing is AMAZING! Ha ha! Seriously though, it is…

trampoline So this morning, in preparation for the dog days of summer and lots of play-dates, I took the old destroyed padding off the trampoline and I’m hoping to find a replacement at Walmart in the next few days (Lord willing).


All Done… now I just have to clean all the leaves out :-/

So come on moms and dads, let’s make Bible Quizzing a priority. Will you join me?

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Summer Yippeee!!! and some catching up…


“Summer in NY… excited to see green again” 

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Has it really been six months since my last post? Say it isn’t so 🙂 Honestly, I didn’t mean to be away that long. Well with my life becoming a little more settled, I hope to fix that.

Summer is here and I think I’m more excited than my kids!! I am so looking forward to spending some quality, fun time with them. Jonathan I know will have me laughing out loud, Liz will have her pretty face buried in a book and Joel, well he’ll just be happy we’re all together… except for Dad of course who has to work hard to make all our family fun possible 🙂 We love you Hun!

God has been good! I simple LOVE my savior. I pray this prayer all the time, if there was no heaven to gain and no hell to shun, I would still serve Jesus with all my heart. I don’t worship God for His many blessings towards me – though every time I am blessed of God it drives me to my knees in tears, I serve Him because I get to. I get the privilege and great opportunity to raise my hands in worship, I get to sing of His mercies and power, I get to spend sweet time in prayer, communing with the creator of heaven and earth.

I’m so excited about blogging again for many reasons, a few being: Writing and photography, two of my hobbies – among others. it gives me an opportunity to encourage someone to develop a closer relationship with the Lord. Blogging also helps me to be accountable, as far as reaching the people in my community. And now I can stop sending ridiculously long texts to my poor friends, Ha ha! I hope you will come with me on this journey, as I step out by faith to witness to my community, you will affect change in yours.

I shared this thought that I had with my Sunday school class on Sunday, If Jesus meant what He said about us going into all the world and making disciples of all men, do you know how much trouble I’m in if all I do is go to work everyday to build a life here that could end any moment. My eternity is hanging on how much I know Him, and how much I allow others to know Him through me. Every morning I pray Lord help someone to know you through me today, most times its my own children, which is great. But I love those days when I meet a mom at the playground and I’m able to be Jesus’s hands and feet.

Until next time,

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