… a canoe floating on the waters of life…


On this ninth day of February, I am trying To predict – without success, what this year will hold for my Life. What challenges will I face? How many victories will I win? Will I fail at my endeavors? Am I strong enough to handle the disappointments and rejections that will most likely come? I’ve met quite a few people who do not make New Years Resolutions, and their arguments are convincing. The most popular being: “… more than half the people who make Resolutions don’t keep them anyway”. There is definitely some truth to this statement; I and most of the Resolutioners I know, usually end up abandoning our lofty goals and slipping right back into our mundane routines and habits.

I’m smart enough to know that if I do the same things I’ve always done, I will continue to get the same results.

But I Long For a Change…

If I am honest with myself, I will confess that there are areas in my life in which I need Improvement. However it will take deliberate action on my part, some of which will hurt. I’ve been in the company of some consistent, steady, sober people lately and they have taught me that setting goals for yourself and fighting like crazy to accomplish them is a great and worthy attribute.

So with my jaws clenched, and my shoulders squared, this year I am moving from the mindset that I am just a canoe floating on the waters of life, allowing the world’s current to carry me wherever it flows. No friend, I am a BATTLESHIP! This year I have chartered my course for victory! I resolute to keep a steady watch on my map – the word of God, to make sure I’m navigating in the right direction, I resolute to allow the mantel of prayer to rest upon my shoulders and intercede and travail so that God can heal our land. I resolute to let revival begin with me, I resolute to let love begin with me.

It is important for me to set goals, to have a plan, to be deliberate, and to live on purpose. At the end of this year (if the Lord should tarry), I hope to end up where GOD wants me to be. Yes, there will be storms en route; my faith will be challenged, disappointments may come, maybe some crew members (co-workers, family members, friends) will act up, but like Christopher Columbus said in the face of turmoil “Adalante!” meaning – move forward! I have made my Resolution and in the event of unforeseen circumstances, I’ll keep moving ahead.

I encourage you, make your own Resolutions this year, and fight like crazy to STICK TO THEM!

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