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Hi, welcome to my blog. My name is Paula, I have received the Acts 2:38 experience and have  been growing in the LORD for 23 years. . “Then Peter said unto them, Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” There is more to me however, I am 33 years old (that was extremely difficult for me to write, but relevant). I am married to my wonderful husband, who is also my best friend and I’m mother to my three beautiful children. I worked in Corporate America for 6 years after graduating from college, until I had my first child.  Then my husband and I decided that we would  make the sacrifice of living on one income, while I stay home and raise our children. Might I just add,  that is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, my children are so worth it and we can see the benefits of that decision everyday.

I fill my days with prayer, bible reading, breakfast, lunch and dinner preparations, playground trips, library trips, school pick-ups, school trips, PTA, arts and craft, hat making, writing and baking, among other things. I strongly believe in being a good steward of everything GOD has blessed me with, including money and time (I’m still learning to be frugal with both).

I decided to start this blog because I’m excited about JESUS and what He has done (and is still doing) in my life. I wanted to share my testimony with the world and have the world you respond and tell me about the great things GOD has done in your life. This blog is a forum where believers can pray together and be encouraged by reading about the experiences and testimonies of other believers worldwide. God bless you!


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Paula, I am very proud of you and any woman for that matter who is willing to make the sacrifice to be a stay at home mom, especially during a child’s formative years. I am sure it must be a financial strain but, the outcome is priceless. I encourage more mothers to do the same (if that works for you of course)

  2. Hi, my name is Celia and I have a questions regarding responding to issues of Death. I have a coworker who just gave birth to her 2nd child who unfortunately died the day after. I was ministering to an unbeliever who questions the existence of God. It was obviously making an impact because he confessed to me that when he heard the news of the complications of the birth – he began to pray for this coworker and for the survival of the baby. However, he came back rather bitterly to say that even when I prayed “How can your God take an innocent child”. I was tough to answer. Please advise your approach on ths question.

  3. My dear Sis Paula,
    Love your blog. I see the trappings of the evolution of your new book coming though these precious words. So proud of you and your desire to be transparent. You can only go up from here. Keep speaking/writing your heart, you never know who will be affected for life. Luv yah! You have my support.

    Habakkak 2:3
    For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.


  4. Hi Paula,

    You are an amazing woman. I know that you are a wonderful Mom, but you are a truly gifted writer. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    Your Friend,


  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! I am proud of you Paula. You are definately touching lives and making an impact “Beyond These Walls.” Keep up this good work, I am very proud of you.

    Much love to you and your family.

  6. Hey Paula, great words of wisdom! I love it! This great step is inspiring to me, as I’m sure it is for others. I pray God’s blessing you and your family. Don’t be weary in well-doing. Keep this up and you’ll eventually impact the world “if you faint not.”

    Love you,

    • Hey Juds!

      Thanks for stopping by! I read one of your pieces and was completely blown away. I think I know who my most frequent guest writer will be – wink, wink. I believe you should definitely start a blog, I can’t wait to read it and tell all my friends about it!

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